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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Take Responsibility

When I started 12WBT I was determined to become a runner.

I improved my time to 6 minutes a km, then I had pain in my pelvic area.

I was told not to run. Not for any extended period of time, just DON'T run.

Did it stop me exercising?


I regularly knock out 600 to 800 calorie sessions at the gym using classes, cross trainers, bikes and rowing machines.

Do I let the niggle in my lower back stop me?


Do I left the soreness in my leg muscle and knee from the referred pain stop me?


I managed it.

I get it regularly looked at, and I rest when I need to.

I don't use it as excuse.

Just like I don't use cramps as an excuse to 'go easier'.

Just like I don't let a headache stop me - I take a painkiller.

Just like I don't let the fact I've had a bad day send me to the bottle shop - I go to the gym instead.

I don't do any of this stuff because I have to, or because I've paid for it, or because I feel a responsibility to anyone around me. I do it for me.

I'm not going to stop at the end of the 12 weeks, it's not a 'stage' or a 'fad' or something I'll try and then give away - it's a lifestyle that I've adopted, and will continue to live by.

So stop making excuses, don't let them creep back in, suck it up, and get on with it.

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